Mobility operations at scale

Reduce the cost of your maintenance operations while optimizing your fleet lifespan and availability.

Serveedo supports also the outsourcing of the maintenance to third party so that you can focus on expansion.

Vehicles Maintenance

State-of-the-art mobile based maintenance assistant.

Stocks Management

Automated spare parts distributions and real-time monitoring.

Tasks and routing for drivers

Optimized tasks for drivers generated in real-time.

eLearning for mechanics

Searchable repair guides with videos and instructions.

Mobile app

State-of-the-art mobile assistant

Through our mobile app -- your mechanics, drivers and warehouse managers get all the support they need when they need it.

The app provides guide flows for all the possible activities with optional features such as checklists to perform before a vehicle can be deployed on the street again.

Available for both Android and iOS.

Task System

Smart routing for drivers

Our task system takes into consideration many factors to create an optimized route for your drivers and can include all these tasks:

  • Deploy vehicles from warehouse
  • Pick up vehicles from street
  • Move vehicles to more profitable locations
  • Swap batteries and light servicing

When on the field your drivers get all the usual efficiency and support that our app provides.


Real-time monitoring and traceability

Our backend lets you monitor the performance of each city in real-time with valuable metrics.

You can also see the status of your vehicles and warehouses and their activities log.


Reduce costs, improve quality, grow!

  • Reduce costs running operations more efficiently
  • Keep your vehicles state at the highest standards
  • Outsource the operations in some markets if you want to test them quickly or reduce risks
  • Outsource the operations in some markets if you want to expand faster
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
- Buckminster Fuller